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Request or Renew Employment Authorization Card


Important Note:

As of May 1, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be issuing redesigned Permanent Resident Cards (Green Card) and Employment Authorization Cards (EAC). Redesigned Green Cards and EACs will:

  • display the individual’s photo on both sides,
  • show a unique graphic image and color palette,
  • Green Cards will have an image of the Statue of Liberty and a predominantly green palette,
  • EACs will have an image of a bald eagle and a predominantly red palette,
  • have embedded holographic images,
  • no longer display the individual’s signature, and
  • Green Cards will no longer have an optical stripe on the back.

See full announcement here for details on the USCIS website.

The Department of State (DOS) issued a diplomatic notice mandating that individuals holding G4 visas must attach the appropriate tax documents, including 1040NR or 1040NRez, to work permit renewal requests. In the past, work permits were erroneously issued with the submission of tax form 1040.

However, in response to the notification, the HR Operations Visa team has begun ensuring that all work permit renewal requests are accompanied by 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ and State income tax returns, for the period covering the term of the previous work permit. The DOS has made it clear that tax forms submitted are subject to audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you have re-filed taxes because you previously filed Form 1040 instead of 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ, the DOS requires that you submit Form 1040x accompanied by 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ and State income tax returns for those years that you re-filed along with your signature on the tax form. Requests submitted without the proper tax forms are being denied by the DOS. Work permit requests are subject to frequent changes. To ensure you are aware of the current requirements, check the DOS visa website before submitting any forms for visa-related transactions.

Dependent Spouses/Children

Spouses or children of Bank Group G4 employees, who hold a dependent G4 visa, may be eligible to work in the U.S. However, before such work can begin, the spouse or child must obtain an Employment Authorization Card (EAC) from the USCIS. The EAC is required for all paid jobs in the U.S., including international organizations, embassies, and non-profit organizations.

An individual may apply if the:

  • staff member, applicant’s spouse, or parent is employed by the Bank Group in the U.S. and holds a valid G4 principal visa.
  • applicant holds a dependent G4 visa.
  • staff member's assignment is expected to last more than six months (at least 100 days left in the contract for short-term consultants (STCs)) from the date of application for the EAC.
  • applicant lives in the same household as the staff member. Dependent children who live at school during the academic year are considered residents in the staff member's household.
  • applicant is physically in the U.S., as evidenced by his/her current I-94 available at the I-94 website.

In addition to the above:

  • Dependent children may apply for a work permit from 16 years of age until their 23rd birthday.
  • For dependent children between the age of 21 and 23, the children must be full-time students in the United States. The validity of the EAC stops on the 23rd birthday, unless a child is mentally or physically handicapped. Students at colleges or universities outside of the United States are not eligible for U.S. employment authorization cards.


EACs are not available to domestic partners or children of domestic partners who are not legally adopted by the staff member.

Note for Spouses on H1B Visas or Other Non-Immigrant Visas with U.S. Work Authorization:

With the exception of dependent A type visa holders, U.S. immigration regulations require that any individual entitled to a G4 visa, such as a non-immigrant spouse of a Bank Group staff member holding a G4 visa, must be issued a G4 visa. In practice, this means that a spouse currently working in the U.S. on an H1B visa or other non-immigrant visas with work authorization must stop working immediately on appointment of the staff member until a valid work permit is obtained under the G4 dependent visa, and must not work for the duration of time it takes to change status to a dependent G4 visa and subsequently obtain work authorization. This process can take several months. Therefore, prior to accepting an offer from the Bank Group, the incoming staff member should plan carefully with the spouse/same sex domestic partner’s U.S. employer to accommodate the spouse's mandatory unpaid leave of absence.




Action by Staff


Verify whether the dependent G4 visa holder has a Personal Identification (PID) number by checking your visa profile in myHR Self-Service (available only on Bank’s intranet).

If you do not have access to this system, email HR Operations.


If you do not currently have a PID number, refer to Register for a Personal Identification (PID) Number.


Initiate the 'Work Permit Request' in myHR Self-Service (available only on Bank’s intranet).


Include the following when submitting the request:

a.    If employed, submit 2 copies of the original letter from your spouse/dependent's prospective employer. The letter must contain all of the following:

o    The organization's offer of employment—in the case of a renewal, offer of continued employment

o    Job title and duties

o    The number of hours per week expected to work

o    A statement of qualifications for the job and the reason

o    The salary the organization intends to pay

o    Duties (attach a copy of your job description and resumé)

o    Ensure the letter is signed by your Manager/HR Officer

b.    If self-employed or not currently employed, submit 2 copies of a letter containing all of the following information. Use this sample letter as a template.

o    Intent to work in a particular field

o    Qualifications

o    Title and duties

o    Consultative fees for services

o    The number of hours per week expected to work

o    Prospective clients (do not mention names of companies and organizations. Keep the list generic such as NGOs, Private Sector, Schools, etc.)

o    The source of advertising the services

o    Ensure the letter is signed by the applicant (self-attested)


The U.S. Department of State and USCIS require employer drafted and self-employment letters referenced above to contain all of the requested information. EAC applications will be returned if any of the requested information is missing. Ensure you submit a signed version of your employment letter. If applicants wish to seek employment from an organization or company, they must provide a job offer letter. Self-employment letters stating the applicant wishes to seek employment at an organization or company will be returned. Ensure that you submit a signed version of your employment or self-employment letter.


Resume: All applicants must submit 2 copies of the resume. Prior work experience must be relevant to the work that will be performed and applicants must show completion of education/training requirements related to intended work such as degree, diploma, and training certificates.


Complete (type-written) and print 4 original copies signed in blue ink of the Bank Group version of USCIS Form I-566.


  • Do not use the form from the USCIS website.
  • If you hold an open appointment, use your mandatory retirement date as the expected end date of duty.


Complete (type-written), print, and sign in blue ink, 2 original copies of USCIS Form I-765.


  • Do not use the form from the USCIS website. Do not add any other information to the questions that are pre-filled.


Obtain 2 copies each of the following for the applicant (G4 dependent) and you (G4 principal):

  • High quality colored copy of the passport pages with full name, picture, nationality, date of birth, and passport number. Use the 'photo' setting available on most photocopy machines.
  • Colored copy of the latest G4 visa.
  • Copy of the latest I-94.

If the I-94 was issued on or after May 1, 2013, navigate to the I-94 website to print it.


Submit two color passport photos of the applicant in accordance with the U.S. State Department guidelines, taken within the last 30 days and not previously used (should be different from the passport/visa picture). Write the name of the applicant and 'World Bank Group' on the back of each photograph.


Vending machine photos are not acceptable.


Submit 2 copies of the original letter from the school registrar for dependent children who are full-time students. The letter should:

  • certify that the applicant is a full-time student.
  • list the courses taken.
  • list the credit hours carried.
  • provide details about the expected graduation.
  • be dated within the current academic term.
  • be an original on school stationery.
  • be signed by the school official.
  • contain the phone number of the certifying official.


All dependent children aged 21-23 must be full time students in the U.S.


Obtain a minor work permit (child labor certificate) from the Department of Labor if the applicant is under 17 years of age and residing in Maryland. See the Maryland Department of Labor’s Employment of Minors website for details.


For EAC renewal, also include: 

  • 2 copies each of the applicant's U.S. Federal and State income tax returns for each year or partial year covered by the last EAC—maximum of three years for a renewal of a previous EAC. Sign copies of tax forms in all locations requesting applicants’ signature in blue or black ink to certify original signatures.
  • If tax returns are not available, the applicant must submit 2 copies of a signed and dated letter explaining the absence of tax returns, with a copy of W2 forms, if any.
  • The -A- number required on the forms is your USCIS number available on the front of the EAC


A G4 dependent visa holder is a non-resident for U.S. income tax purposes and files a Form 1040NR, and not Form 1040 or a 1040A, no matter how long the G4 dependent has been physically present in the U.S. If taxes are filed electronically, the signature of the applicant is required on the relevant tax form.

  • Include 2 copies of the old EAC (front and back), if the applicant is renewing an existing EAC authorization or submitting a new application but held an EAC authorization at any time previously. If the old EAC is not available, you must submit an explanation as to why it is unavailable.

Make a copy of the full application for your records.


Submit in person the full application package to HR Operations within 10 calendar days from the date of the online submission to avoid cancellation. We strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment with HR to have your file reviewed prior to submission.


Action by HR


Send the staff member's completed application package, to the DOS.


The DOS takes approximately 18 weeks to process the request and send the dependent's work permit.

The Bank Group has no control over the duration of the process. There is no provision for 'urgent' applications and no tracking facility.

Employment authorization is job-specific. For spouses, the EAC is normally valid for three years or until the end of the staff member's contract with the Bank Group, whichever comes first. For children, the validity period varies. If the Bank Group staff member terminates employment, work authorization ceases immediately, with no grace period, even if the EAC card shows a later expiration date.


Send an email to the staff member, once the EAC is received from the DOS.


Action by Staff


Collect the EAC from HR Operations.


Retain copies of EAC cards, in case the original is lost or misplaced.


Apply for or update the Social Security card if it says 'NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT,' at any Social Security Office.


If you are applying for an Employment Authorization Card for the first time and checked Yes to Question 14 in the I-765 (Do you want the SSA to issue you a Social Security Card?), the SSA will process your Social Security Card application automatically. The approved Social Security Card will be mailed to WB HR Operations within four weeks of the approval of the EAC. HR Operations will notify you when your card is ready for pick-up. Do not apply separately with the SSA.

For any other Social Security related questions, please contact a local SSA office. The 1300 D St. SW, Washington, D.C. office is recommended due to their familiarity with G4 visas.


Pay U.S. federal, state, and local—if applicable—income tax on all earnings. Proof of previous tax return is a requirement to renew EAC.


The Bank Group will not assist G4 staff or their dependents with tax issues or questions.