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Request G5 Visa at a U.S. Embassy




This checklist outlines the eligibility criteria and the steps to request a G-5 Visa for a prospective employee at a U.S. Embassy.

Visa Sponsor Eligibility
  • HQ based staff (term, open, ETT/ETC) on G-4 visa with at least 1 year remaining on current HQ assignment or contract are eligible to sponsor a G-5 visa for a prospective employee
  • US Citizens, US Permanent Residents and Short-term consultants/short-term temporaries (STCs/STTs) are not eligible to sponsor a prospective employee on a G-5 visa.
  • The prospective G-5 employee must meet the following requirements:
    • Not a U.S. citizen and/or U.S. Permanent Resident.
    • At least 18 years of age.
    • Not related to the staff member by blood, adoption, or marriage – this includes family members of the staff members’ spouse.
    • Expected to work exclusively for the sponsoring family and not shared with any other family.
  • The U.S. State Department does not support the transfer of G-5 employees from one employer to another or when an employer transfers from one organization to another inside the U.S. All G-5 visas, new hires or transfer to new employers, must be requested at a U.S. Embassy outside the U.S.

G-5 Payroll Provider Requirement

  • All employers of G-5 employees are required to secure the services of a payroll provider to be compliant with the U.S. State Department’s current G-5 employment regulations.
  • Payroll providers will certify biweekly timecards, securely pay employee directly, collect and pay all necessary federal and state employment taxes, and complete all required end of year state and federal tax filings on behalf of the G-5 employee.
  • In order to schedule in-person registration interviews, G-4 employers must present evidence they have secured the services of one of the following World Bank Group approved G-5 payroll providers:
  • G-5 Payroll Provider Comparison Chart
  • G-5 Payroll Provider FAQs
  • G-5 Payroll Provider Presentation – September 2017

Note: Due to consistent backlogs and an extensive review process of G-5 worker pre-notification applications by the U.S. State Department, the current processing time may be as much as 10 weeks before HR Operations is able to issue an eFax for the G-5 visa. HR Operations does not have an expedited review option as each application is reviewed independently. Do not make travel arrangements for your G-5 until pre-approval is granted to avoid travel delays.  Please plan G-5 employee expected travel and start dates accordingly.

ATTENTION: Please be advised that G-5 employees from the Philippines require additional steps.  Refer to the Hiring G-5 Employee from the Philippines checklist. 




Action by Staff


Staff choose a prospective employee who is experienced and has significant ties to the home country such as family, property, and savings.

Common reasons for denials of G-5 visas:

  • lack of experience as a household employee. Example: housekeeper, nanny, cook, childcare, adult medical care provider.
  • inability to convince the U.S. Embassy/Consulate that s/he will return to their home country upon completion of their employment contract.


Staff and prospective employee complete the ‘Contract for G-5 Employees’ form in English and in one of the provided languages if English is not the primary language (if the employees’ non-English language is not one of the prewritten versions, have the contract translated and signed by the prospective employee):

Original employment contracts for prospective G-5 employees from the Philippines must include the following statement in the free form space on page 6: The EMPLOYER will be responsible for the repatriation of remains and other personal belongings to the Philippines, in the event that the EMPLOYEE passes away during the contract.

Note: Use these contract templates provided above because they contain language required by the World Bank Group and the U.S. State Department.

G-4 employers must default the hourly wage to the highest wage for location of residence. The Bank Group does not track hourly wage requirements, but wage updates can be found here:

Wage updates:


  • Additional information on minimum wages and potential overtime wage requirements provided by payroll providers GTM and Homework Solutions.
  • Payment may be made by check or electronic fund transfer to a bank account in the G-5 employee's name for up to 30 days from arrival in the U.S. only.  After 30 days, all payments must be made via one of the designated payroll providers listed above.
    • Cash payments are not acceptable.
    • Employers must keep accurate records of all financial transactions and other transactions and issues relating to employment.
  • Sample expenses for employing a G-5 employee (annually)
  • Minimum Wages (35 hours per week minimum wage of $12-$17 per hour x 52 weeks per year): $21,840 - $30,940
  • Employer Income Taxes (additional ~11% of gross wages): $2,402-$3,404
  • Health/Medical Insurance: $2,400 - $7,200
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (MD/DC Residents require, VA Residents Recommended): $550-$650
  • Payroll Provider (to manage direct deposit to employee and pay taxes to government tax agencies): $900-$975
  • Additional expenses past employers have advised they were responsible for paying
    • Wages in excess of 35 hours per week (including overtime): $3,150+ (annual)
    • Medical expenses (copays, deductibles, uncovered procedures, etc): $1,000+ 
    • Additional healthcare (dental or vision) insurance: $1,000+
    • Food and residence expenses (if living in employers resident) or rent and personal vehicle expenses (if living separate from employer)


Submit the request through MyHR Self-Service and upload the required supporting documents:
 Action by HR

HR to process and send:

  • pre-notification form and the G-5 contract to the U.S. State Department, stating that the prospective employee will be applying for a G-5 visa.
  • G-5 visa request through eFax to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate where the prospective G-5 employee resides with a copy to the staff member once pre-notification has been approved by State Department.

ATTENTION: Please be advised that G-5 employees from the Philippines require additional steps.  Refer to the Hiring G-5 Employee from the Philippines checklist.

 Action by Staff









Staff to send these documents to the prospective G-5 employee, who in turn will carry them to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate:

  • Copy of the G-5 visa eFax request from the Bank Group to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate
  • Copy statement from the staff member to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate expressing the intention to hire the prospective G-5 employee. The statement should include:
    • nature of the work the prospective G-5 employee will perform.
    • signature of the staff member.
  • Original signed contract(s) – English and native language - between the staff member and prospective G-5 employee. The contract should be signed by both parties.
  • Copy of the staff member's:
  • Form DS-160 Department of State Nonimmigrant Visa Application confirmation page.

Note: The U.S State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have strict photo guidelines for visa applications.





Staff must check the U.S. Embassy website for Embassy/Consulate procedures specific to where the prospective employee will apply for the G-5 visa.

Note: The visa procedures are subject to change and are not monitored by HR Operations.  All U.S. Embassies/Consulates require appointments for G-5 interviews. HR Operations is not able to assist in making appointments on behalf of individuals.


Prospective G-5 employee attends the interview with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate, who will decide whether to issue G-5 visa.

Note: The Bank Group has no influence over the decision of the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.  If G-5 visa has not been approved by the U.S. Embassy/Consulate within 45 days of application, notify HR of the delay.


If the G-5 visa is granted, staff to inform HR Operations within 5 days of G-5 employee arrival in the U.S. Refer to Report Arrival of G-5 and Attend Mandatory Orientation Seminar.

Note: Staff must apply for a Social Security Number for themselves as an employer and separately for your employee at your local Social Security Administration office.  Details on applying for Social Security Numbers are online here.



Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024