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Supplemental Requirements for Hiring a G-5 Employee from the Philippines



This checklist outlines the steps to complete for hiring a G-5 employee from the Philippines.  These steps and paperwork are in addition to the standard Request a G-5 Visa for a Prospective Employee Residing Outside the US submitted to State Department for the eFax.



G-5 Visa Sponsor Eligibility

Application documents and approvals are provided by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) within Embassy of the Philippines in the US.

Embassy of the Philippines

Philippines Overseas Labor Office

1617 Massachusetts Ave NW

Washington, DC 20036

+1 (202) 467-9426

Please contact POLO directly for most recent documents referenced below and the current process steps to complete prior to having your prospective G-5 employee travel to the US.  WBG HR is able to provide only very minimal guidance or assistance in this additional process.


  • Upon State Department approval of pre-notification and HR sending the eFax to the US Embassy, staff gathers and completes the required POLO documents for prospective G-5 employee (* denotes all documents with signatures requiring notarization including each page of contract and addendum)  
    • Verification/Accreditation Endorsement
    • G-5 Contract (signed by G-4 Employer and G-5 Employee)*
    • G-5 Contract Addendum (signed by G-4 Employer and G-5 Employee)*
    • eFax sent by WBG HR to US Embassy*
    • Employer Information Card*
    • Affidavit of Employer/Principal*
    • Affidavit of Undertaking*
    • Intent to Employ Letter (free form)*
    • Repatriation Addendum*
    • Employee Information Form (leave blank for G-5 to complete)
    • Copy of G-4 Passport Bio Page*, G-4 Visa*, I-94 record of entry to the US
    • Copy of G-5 Passport Bio Page*
    • Copy of WBG Staff Badge *
  • Staff submits cash fee payment to POLO.
  • Staff member mails approved package of notarized documents to prospective G-5 employee in the Philippines via DHL.
  • Prospective G-5 employee schedules and attends visa interview at US Embassy (  Most embassies require appointments for G-5 interviews.  HR Operations is not able to assist in any way in making appointments on behalf of individuals.

US Consulate will decide whether to issue G-5 visa. Prospective G-5 carries following documents to US Consulate for interview:

  • Copy of the G-5 visa eFax request from the Bank Group to the US Consulate
  • Copy of statement from the staff member to the US Consulate expressing the intention to hire the prospective G-5 employee. The statement should include:
    • nature of the work the prospective G-5 employee will perform.
    • signature of the staff member.
  • Original signed contract between the staff member and prospective G-5 employee. The contract should be signed by both parties.
  • Copy of the staff member's:


Note:  The U.S State Department has strict photo guidelines for visa applications.


  • Prospective G-5 employee contacts local Philippines Overseas Labor Office (POLO) to advise US G-5 visa application has been applied for travel to the US (
    • G-5 visa submitted to POLO office once issued by US Embassy
    • POLO issues final travel authorization

Note:  Processing time is 6-8 weeks with US Embassy and POLO after pre-notification has been approved by US State Department.  The Bank Group has no influence over process timeline or decision of the US Consulate.  Travel planning should account for current process timeline to avoid flight delays or change fees.