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Debt Experts
Senior Debt Specialist
Senior Debt Specialist
This site serves as a central hub for information and access to debt statistics. For international debt statistics, view the primary database on External Debt, which provides a detailed picture of debt stocks and flows of developing countries.
International Debt Statistics 2014 cover clipping
The 2014 IDS draws from comprehensive debt statistics collected from 124 low and middle-income countries, as well as quarterly external and public sector debt from high-income economies.
The World Bank Group, often in partnership with the International Monetary Fund, publishes periodic guidelines on topics such as public debt management and debt sustainability that are used by practitioners around the world.
The World Bank, in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund, has developed a range of tools for debt managers. They address a variety of issues related to assessing debt sustainability and making medium-term plans for prudent, well-considered debt.
The Public Debt Management Network for Emerging Markets
The Public Debt Management (PDM) Network is an initiative by the OECD, the Italian Treasury and the World Bank that encourages and facilitates discussion on matters related to debt management among professionals all over the world.