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Building new transmission infrastructure and fostering regional cooperation among four Central and South Asian countries. Read More »

Russian Economic Report 31

The Bank developed two lower growth scenarios for Russia. The outlook is highly dependent on a recovery in businesses’ and consumers’ confidence and how the geopolitical risks unfold. Read More »

Data from World Bank
Data from World Bank

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Laura Tuck
Vice President
Chief Economist
Child in Tajikistan
The World Bank Group delivers integrated solutions to help client countries address their development challenges.
Diversified Development, ECA
Focusing less on diversification of exports and more on investment in national assets, particularly built capital and economic institutions.
Young Roma
The Roma are the largest and most vulnerable minority group in Eastern Europe, and face significant social and economic issues.
Reimbursable Advisory Services
Providing clients with global best practices, cutting-edge knowledge products, and leading expertise.
Energy in Europe and Central Asia
Increasing energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy sources, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are priorities for many countries in the region.
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