Europe and Central Asia: Capacity Development Trust Fund


The Europe and Central Asia region Capacity Development Trust Fund (ECAPDEV) is a multi-donor trust fund that supports improvements in the quality and speed of project preparation, as well as capacity building for project implementation in low-income countries of the region.

Through its 10 rounds, ECAPDEV has to date allocated funding to 46 grants, totaling $19 million, contributing to the preparation of 30 investment projects in Albania, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan with a total of $2.6 billion in World Bank Group and Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development financing.

The project preparation grants financed by ECAPDEV help client countries with weak implementing capacity to prepare better quality projects and improve organizational effectiveness, increase knowledge, skills and innovation, develop new partnerships and leverage funding. ECAPDEV projects were prepared 5 months faster than similar projects that did not receive the grants.

Over 1,000 government counterparts in the focus countries have been trained in critical skills needed for project implementation, including on financial management, procurement, safeguards, contract management, strategic communication and monitoring and evaluation.

The initial pledge of ECAPDEV resources ($23 million) came from the Government of Russia in 2012.


  Country    Grant Amount USD


1 Moldova Moldova Competitive Power Market Project                820,000
2 Tajikistan Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project                386,000
3 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Promoting Early Childhood Development Project                450,000
4 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Institutional Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project                 250,000
5 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Water Services and Institutional Support Program                400,000
6 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Agriculture Modernization Project                408,000
7 Uzbekistan Ferghana Valley Development Project                212,500
8 Uzbekistan Support to Uzbekistan Prosperous Villages (Obod Qishloq)                 187,500
9 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Digital CASA                450,000

Active lending

1 Albania Results-based Road Maintenance and Safety Project                696,690
2 Armenia Local Economy and Infrastructure Development Project                612,337
3 Armenia Education Improvement Project                256,164
4 Armenia Second Community Agriculture Resource Management and Competitiveness Project                359,944
5 Armenia Electricity Transmission Network Improvement Project                620,302
6 Armenia Eurasian Development Bank Mastara Reservoir Preparation                670,000
7 Armenia Eurasian Development Bank Irrigation project preparation                479,935
8 Central Asia Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin CAMP4ASB                265,556
9 Kyrgyz Republic Heat Supply Improvement Project                399,540
10 Kyrgyz Republic Third Village Investment Project                411,185
11 Kyrgyz Republic Integrated Dairy Productivity Improvement Project                355,020
12 Kyrgyz Republic Digital CASA - Kyrgyz Republic
13 Kyrgyz Republic Electricity Supply Accountability and Reliability Improvement Project                316,867
14 Kyrgyz Republic Urban Development Project                479,703
15 Kyrgyz Republic Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project
16 Moldova Climate Adaptation Project                350,000
17 Moldova Modernization of Government Services in the Republic of Moldova                247,000
18 Moldova MD Second Competitiveness Enhancement Project                484,759
19 Moldova Tax Administration Modernization Project                273,030
20 Tajikistan Higher Education Project                173,142
22 Tajikistan Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project Phase I                390,000
23 Ukraine Social Safety Nets Modernization Project                448,939
24 Ukraine Serving People, Improving Health Project                450,755
25 Uzbekistan Pap-Angren Railway                700,000
26 Uzbekistan Regional Roads Development Project                352,040
27 Uzbekistan Modernization of Real Property Registration and Cadastre                399,722
28 Uzbekistan District Heating Energy Efficiency Project                689,712
29 Uzbekistan Livestock Sector Development Project                439,197
30 Uzbekistan Medium-Size Cities Integrated Urban Development Project                410,000


ECAPDEV - Europe and Central Asia Capacity Development Trust Fund

Projects supported by the 10th Call for Proposals of ECAPDEV Project Preparation Grants


Naira Melkumyan
ECAPDEV Program Manager,
Senior Operations Officer
Europe and Central Asia Development Effectiveness Unit
The World Bank
T: +1 (202) 458-8859

Irina Oleinik
ECAPDEV Coordinator
Europe and Central Asia Development Effectiveness Unit
The World Bank
T: +1 (202) 453-1959