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  • Improving Odra River for safety
    This project helps protect the people in the Odra River Basin against loss of life and damage to property caused by severe flooding - in towns of Raciborz, Kedzierzyn, Kozle, Krapkowice, Opole, Brzeg, Olawa and Wroclaw. Read More »
    The latest EU11 Regular Economic Report (EU 11 RER) showcases economic progress across the sub-region, with growth expected to nearly double from 1.4% in 2013 to 2.6% in 2014. Read More »
Poland: Commitments by Fiscal Year (in millions of dollars)*
*Amounts include IBRD and IDA commitments
Data from World Bank
Mamta Murthi
Country Director for Central Europe and the Baltic Countries
Marina Wes, Country Manager, Poland, Europe and Central Asia
Country Manager, Poland
Ministry of Finance in Warsaw, Poland
A new World Bank report examines Poland's Public Sector Pay System and makes recommendations about how to control the aggregate wage bill, attract and retain qualified staff, and set fair wages.
Young man working on computer
In order to bolster innovation in the country’s economy, Poland is actively deploying numerous financial instruments, upgrading its research infrastructure, and building strategic international partnerships.
Radek Czapski on smart public transport solutions: Warsaw
The World Bank infrastructure specialist joins in a video blog from the international conference on Smart Public Transport held on April 27-28, 2015 in Warsaw.
Flood Defense Project Reveals Poland’s Ancient Past
Archaeological excavations in Southern Poland are revealing ancient treasures. The excavations make up a cultural heritage component of a World Bank-supported Odra River Flood Protection Project.
Grandmother and grandchild
A recent decision by lawmakers in Poland is raising the retirement age to 67 - up from 65 for men and 60 for women. The move is expected to increase pensions, add to Gross Domestic Product, and lower the country's deficit.