Country Office Contacts
020492 Bucharest, Romania, Tel: 40 21 201 03 11; Fax: 40 21 201 03 38

UTI Building, 6th floor, 31, Vasile Lascar St. Sector 2

Washington, +1 202 458-2736, Europe and Central Asia Region

1818 H St NW, Washington, DC 20433

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Indermit Gill

Romania has a great advantage on developing countries: it is part of the most important economic club in the world, the EU Read More »


The latest Global Economic Prospects report gives an outlook on the world economy for the coming years. Growth is expected to pick up in developing countries and high-income economies may finally be turning the corner five years after the global financial crisis.  Read More »

Data from World Bank
World Bank Romania is recruiting Tax Administration Expert (Consultant), Public Procurement Expert (Consultant), Head Analyst (Consultant), Youth Employment Expert (Consultant), Energy Expert (Consultant), Strategic Communication Expert (Consultant)
Virginia Otel
Global Economy
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) supports women to run their own businesses.
Romania has surmounted significant challenges on its path to EU membership. However, the Romanian economy has recently come under pressure due to the lack of reforms in employment and education, according to a World Bank report.
Building in Romania
Urban Development
Efficient spatial planning can lead to better economic, social, and environmental outcomes. That’s the idea behind a World Bank Report, which argues that such planning can play a strategic role in driving development.
Doing Business 2014
Europe and Central Asia Second to OECD in Implementing Good Business Regulatory Practices.