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DAPP Event: Healing Emotional Pain and Trauma through Movement

Many of us have experienced some form of trauma or emotional injury in our lives that may cause us to feel dysregulated or challenged in different aspects of our personal or professional life. Research suggests that traumatic wounds can be stored or held in our bodies causing physiological responses that can destabilize us, make us feel unsafe or insecure. Such experiences can also create obstacles and barriers to our experience with success, joy and healthy relationships. This conversational circle - webinar will focus on engaging experts from the fields of occupational health, psychology and trauma -informed yoga who use movement to help individuals overcome painful traumatic experiences that may be stored in the body. (Webinar – 60 minutes)

Hosted by: Malahat Baig-Amin

Speakers: Heather Hagman, Dr. Gillian Rai, and Jacqueline Samuda

WED: 11/03/2021: 10:00 am Wash DC, 5:00 pm Nairobi, 7:30 pm Delhi, 9:00 pm Bangkok

Video Available


Heather Hagman is a pioneer in the new field of Yoga and Trauma Recovery. This new field utilizes Trauma Informed Yoga and Meditation to help people start to move beyond complex PTSD, Developmental Trauma Disorder, Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, and start to build fulfilling lives. She has a thriving private practice in Reston, Virginia called Resilient Yoga 4 You, LLC. She is also the Director of Beloved Yoga’s Trauma and Recovery Programs at Beloved Yoga in Reston, Virginia. She has a Masters in Psychotherapy from Marymount University and is a certified IAYT Yoga Therapist. Heather holds certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders.  Heather teaches an annual 30-hour Trauma Informed Yoga Certification Training Program for Yoga Teachers and Mental Health providers. She is also a Brain Longevity Specialist with the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation.

Dr. Gillian Rai is the founder of Sublime Living, a holistic health and wellbeing practice. A South African born Occupational Therapist (OT) with over 25 years of combined national and international experience as a clinician, educator, author, coach, speaker, and yoga instructor practicing here in the US in New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and abroad. As an educator, she holds teaching appointments at several institutions including NYU, Temple, and Mary Mount. Dr Rai also serves as Commissioner on the DC Occupational Therapy Health and Licensing regulation Board. Dr Rai is committed to her clients’ 360 degrees of health and wellbeing, developing their skills for the job of sublime living, promoting successful participation in their everyday lives. She is also committed to addressing racial injustice, anti-oppressive practices and developing inclusive programs empowering communities, individuals, and families with and without disabilities. Dr Rai is a community and social service advocate and champion. She has provided advice on education and disabilities to NGOs such as The World Bank (WBG), a United Nations agency and the World Bank Family Network (WBFN). She has also worked with and low and middle-income countries such as Ghana and South Africa respectively, and volunteers with organizations such as the Occupational Therapy African Regional Congress (OTARG), the American Occupational Therapy Association AOTA, the Saudi Arabia OT Association (SOTA) and World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT).

Jacqueline Samuda is a Jamaican-born, multi-lingual, African American psychotherapist.  She is the director of Transcultural Clinical Services Corp. (  Ms. Samuda has worked at agencies such as the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program, the DC Commission on Mental Health, and the National Center for Children and Families. Ms. Samuda has a keen interest in working with clients to address trauma and issues of disempowerment, race, culture, and life transitions.  She employs body-centered approaches such Somatic Experiencing to assist clients dealing with a wide variety of mental health issues, including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, trauma, parent/child communication, and cultural adjustment.