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DAPP Event: This is Trauma

“Trauma is like a wound, left untreated, it may fester and eventually it impedes our ability to achieve our goals and enjoy life.”

Goals: Review and expand the definition of trauma from a Somatic Experiencing perspective; and, Assist client to determine when to seek professional support.

Objectives: Establish a working definition of trauma; Present examples of small, simple, complex, chronic, & developmental, cultural traumas; Outline the impact of trauma on the body and on one’s functioning; Provide simple body-centered exercises to address trauma; Review typical resources used in some cultures to address trauma; and. Evaluate when to consider professional support. (Webinar with Q&A – 45 minutes)

Hosted by: Malahat Baig-Amin & Elizabeth Legrain
Guest Speaker: Jacqueline Samuda, M.A, LCSW-C

WED: 10/28/2020: 12:00 pm (Noon) Wash DC, 7:00 pm Nairobi, 9:30 pm Delhi, 11:00 pm Bangkok

Video Available


Jacqueline Samuda is a Jamaican-born, multi-lingual, African American psychotherapist. She is the director of Transcultural Clinical Services Corp. ( Ms. Samuda has more than 20 years of experience working at agencies such as the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program, the DC Commission on Mental Health, and the National Center for Children and Families. Ms. Samuda has a keen interest in working with clients to address trauma and issues of disempowerment, race, culture, and life transitions.