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publicationJune 26, 2021

Pathways to Integrated Urban Water Management for Greater Jakarta

Pathways to Integrated Urban Water Management for Greater Jakarta

Water insecurity challenges in Indonesia are of significant concern, particularly in regions that are critical for economic growth. A third of Indonesia’s river basins are under stress year round, and almost half are under stress during the dry season. Projections show that addressing water insecurity in a concerted and integrated manner could help to drive economic growth and result in positive development outcomes in the country.

Nowhere is addressing water insecurity more critical than in the Greater Jakarta region, which produces 22 percent of Indonesian total GDP output and is home to 12 percent of the country’s total population. Greater Jakarta, comprising 14 district and municipal governments under three provincial jurisdictions, is already experiencing extreme deficits in water balance, which are compounded by regular and widespread flood events and deteriorated water quality from poor sanitation. Climate projections also point to heightened vulnerability from extreme weather events, which are expected to cause more drought and increased rainfall. 

The report, Pathways to Integrated Urban Water Management for Greater Jakarta, offers recommendations to support the adoption of IUWM in Greater Jakarta. The information is intended to provide immediate actionable interventions in the short term, while building up the knowledge base and expertise for more strategic institutional planning and development approaches in the longer term. 


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