Global Payment Systems Survey (GPSS)

December 4, 2018

  • The sixth GPSS will be published in 2022.
  • The report that provides the Snapshot of the fifth GPSS is now published.
  • The GPSS is the only global survey that covers all aspects of a national payment system, combining quantitative and qualitative measures of payment system development.


The World Bank’s Global Payment Systems Survey (GPSS) surveys national and regional central banks and monetary authorities on the status of payment systems.

The GPSS is the only global survey that combines quantitative and qualitative measures of payment system development and covers all aspects of national payment systems – from infrastructure and the legal and regulatory environment to technological and business model innovations, international remittances, and oversight framework.

The GPSS aims to take an accurate snapshot of payment systems worldwide to obtain information on payment system reforms and the factors which hinder and/or facilitate them in order to help guide policy-dialogue at the international and national levels, and World Bank Group technical assistance.

In April 2007, the World Bank launched the first Global Payment Systems Survey among national central banks to collect information on the situation of national payment and securities settlement systems worldwide and provide a payment systems snapshot of both advanced and emerging economies in order to identify main issues that should guide the agenda of authorities, multilaterals and market players in the field over the next few years.

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Latest GPSS


The fifth iteration of GPSS was launched in October 2018. 

The fifth iteration integrated the module on “accounts and access points” in the main body of the survey and also added a section on FinTech and payment services, the latter focusing on the underlying innovations that enable enhanced access to and usage of transaction accounts.


Past Surveys


The fourth iteration of GPSS was launched in December 2015.

Two additional components were added to the fourth iteration of the GPSS survey, in line with the World Bank Group’s initiative to provide universal financial access by 2020:

  • data module on transaction accounts and diversified access points as drivers of financial access
  • annex on agent-based models to better understand conditions that enable a sustainable expansion of agent networks to help overcome barriers to financial access


Tables accompanying the report can be downloaded below: 

Section I: Legal and Regulatory Framework

Section II: Large-Value Payment Systems

Section III: Retail Payment Instruments and Systems

Section IV: Settlement of Foreign Exchange Transactions

Section V: International Remittances and Other Cross-Border Payments

Section VI: Securities Settlement Systems 

Section VII: Payment System Oversight and Cooperation

Section VIII: Reforming the National Payment System

Section IX: Agent Based Models


The 2012 Global Payment Systems survey questionnaire consists of nine sections covering a broad set of topics considered an integral part of the national payment systems. The World Bank’s Payment Systems Development Group (PSDG) has made an attempt to strike the right balance between presenting all relevant issues in a level of depth that is appropriate for the various interested audiences, and making the information and data stemming from the Global Payment Systems Survey available to the overall public as soon as practicable.

2012 List of Respondents
2012 Global Payment Systems Survey Questionnaire
2012 Methodological Note


Payment Systems Worldwide: a Snapshot. Outcomes of the Global Payment Systems Survey 2010

This report presents the results of the second survey among national central banks that collected information on the status of national payment and securities settlement systems worldwide. Prepared by a team of experts within the Payment Systems Development Group (PSDG), this survey covers 139 countries.

Areas covered by the survey include: i) Legal and Regulatory Framework; ii) Large-Value Funds Transfer Systems; iii) Retail Payment Systems; iv) Foreign Exchange Settlement Systems; v) Cross-border payments and remittances; vi) Securities Settlement Systems; vii) Payment System Oversight Function and Cooperation; and, viii) Planned and On-going Reforms to the National Payments System.

As in the 2008 iteration, the 2010 Survey provides a snapshot of the payment and securities settlement systems in both advanced and emerging economies. The outcomes of this survey are expected to guide reform efforts in the payment system arena both nationally and globally.


Payment Systems Worldwide: a Snapshot. Outcomes of the Global Payment Systems Survey 2008