Live Wire - World Bank Energy & Extractives Insights


  • Topic briefs that offer technical knowledge on key energy issues
  • Case studies that highlight lessons from experiences in implementation
  • Global trends that provide analytical overviews of key energy data and Bank Views that portray the Bank Group's energy sector activities

Live Wire is the World Bank’s series of online knowledge notes on energy and extractives sector development issues. Every day, experts in the field use insights to make decisions and solve problems with client countries. While some insights are captured through large formal publications, logistics don’t permit the creation of just-in-time reports on all the topics on which the Bank delivers solutions.  The Live Wire series is designed to capture the rich insights gained from the World Bank’s expertise in the sector. What’s unique about this approach is that it is comprehensive and light (ranging from 4 to 12 pages), making it easy to create, update, carry, and share with practitioners both inside and outside the Bank.

Live Wire is a unique vehicle for Bank Group staff to share findings drawn from project and analytical work. Since each Live Wire issue is peer-reviewed and professionally edited and produced, the knowledge in these notes is of high value to front-line practitioners.  The focus is on sharing insights that inform solutions to development sector challenges.

Live Wire comes in various forms to address a range of client needs:

  1. Topic briefs that offer technical knowledge on key energy issues
  2. Case studies that highlight lessons from experience in implementation
  3. Global trends to provide analytical overviews of key energy data
  4. Bank views to portray the Bank Group’s energy and extractives sector activities
  5. Private eyes to share insights from private sector engagement

This format is at once accessible, rigorous and concise enough to be produced quickly. While the main channel of dissemination is online, Live Wires can also be printed in limited quantities for events or specific client needs.