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The world is battling a perfect storm of climate, conflict, economic and nature crises that are exacerbating inequality and pushing more people into poverty. We need all shoulders to the wheel to ensure our planet remains livable for everyone.

For people in developing countries, climate change means skyrocketing food prices, toxic air and polluted water. It leaves countries just one natural disaster away from poverty, forcing parents to pull children out of school, and entire communities to migrate.

We must find a way to finance a different world, one where climate is resilient, food and water are abundant, and poverty is defeated.

  • We should build hospitals that can withstand natural disasters and roads that don't get washed away with rainfall. We also need to adapt agriculture with cultivation techniques to reduce emissions from methane and social protection schemes for farmers if harvests fail. And restore forests and mangroves to reduce and store carbon and protect coastal communities.
  •  Public finance is not enough. Countries need to tap into new revenue sources from the private sector. In turn, the private sector needs to be able to find an enabling environment for critical climate investments.

The Bank Group has a clear role to play in supporting our client countries so that they are prepared for the low-carbon, resilient transition, enabling them to build climate-smart economies that are green, resilient and inclusive.

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2024

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