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BRIEF November 3, 2020

Food Systems 2030


The world’s food systems, which millions of people around the world rely on for nourishment, jobs and economic opportunities, are no longer fit for purpose. 

Hunger is on the rise, healthy diets are unaffordable for the world’s poorest people, and 30% of food produced is lost or wasted. Moreover, the global food system is unsustainable: It is responsible for around ¼ of global greenhouse gas emissions and close to 60% of biodiversity loss since the 1970s.

The Food Systems 2030 Trust Fund (Food Systems 2030) seeks to build the foundation for a sustainable food system that delivers improved livelihoods and safe, affordable and nutritious diets for all. It promotes new ways of doing business while addressing market and institutional incentives, to put food systems on a better path. 

FoodSystems2030 will provide policy advice and analytical products to country partners, steer World Bank lending and engage with the private sector in pursuit of one goal: achieving a food system that delivers healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy economies.