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Office of the Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa

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The Office of the Chief Economist of the Middle East & North Africa Region provides guidance on strategic priorities and technical quality of economic analysis in the region. It aims to bring the best possible knowledge to bear on the problems of development in the MENA Region including through advising on country and sectoral strategies, quality enhancement of economic justification and analysis in adjustment and investment lending and developing and disseminating regional flagship reports. The office also serves as principal regional spokesperson inside and outside the Bank on strategic and economic issues facing the region. 

Analytics – We generate original research and leverage existing knowledge to impact policy and institutional reforms in the Middle East and North Africa. We publish semiannual regional flagship reports, which focus on the most pressing development issues, as well as timely research articles that tackle ongoing challenges facing the region.

Knowledge Outreach – We offer platforms for leading researchers and policymakers to interact, debate, and delve into issues crucial to economic development in the region.

Community of Economists – We foster a network of economists specializing in the Middle East and North Africa, cultivating connections within the World Bank and with external researchers through our diverse research programs that focus on a range of topics including labor markets, gender, and economic diversification.

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Asma Saleh Al-Hanshali
Office of the Chief Economist in MENA