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Office of the Chief Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean

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We invite you to discover our research work on poverty, trade, education and many other key issues for the future of Latin America and the Caribbean. Our team has been dedicated to examining the complex relationships between these critical issues, and our findings have shed new light on how they intersect and impact each other. Through our research, we aim to inform policy decisions and inspire action to improve the lives of those affected by poverty, enhance trade opportunities, and increase access to quality education. 

The World Bank Productivity Project seeks to bring frontier thinking on the measurement and determinants of productivity to global policy makers. Each conference and volume in the series explores a different aspect of the topic through dialogue with academics and policy makers, and through sponsored empirical work in our client countries. 

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This series promotes debate and disseminates knowledge and analysis on economic and social development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Books in this series discuss economic growth, structural reforms, social security, globalization and its social effects, poverty reduction strategies, macroeconomic stability and capital flows, financial systems and market reforms, and more. Sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and the World Bank, the series seeks to convey the excitement and complexity of the most topical issues in the region. Titles in this peer-reviewed series are selected for their relevance to the academic community and represent the highest quality research output of each institution.

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The Fast Track to New Skills: Short-Cycle Higher Education Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean
 (María Marta Ferreyra, Lelys Dinarte, Sergio Urzúa and, Marina Bassi)

At a Crossroads : Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (Maria Marta Ferreyra, Ciro Avitabile, Javier Botero Álvarez, Francisco Haimovich Paz, and Sergio Urzúa)

Out of School and Out of Work (NiNis) (Rafael de Hoyos, Halsey Rogers, and Miguel Székely)

Teenage Pregnancy and Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean: On Teenage Fertility Decisions, Poverty and Economic Achievement (Luis Felipe Lopez Calva and João Pedro Acevedo)

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