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2018-2019 Trust Fund Annual Report



The 2018-19 Trust Fund Annual Report highlights how trust funds help the World Bank Group (WBG) attain its institutional goals. This chapter is organized around the four pillars of Forward Look – A Vision for the World Bank Group in 2030, which defines how the WBG will deliver on its twin goals (to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity) and its three priorities (sustainable and inclusive growth; investments in human capital; and strengthening resilience) to support the 2030 development agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For the first three pillars—Serving All Clients, Supporting Resource Mobilization, and Leading on Global Issues— the chapter describes the trust funds’ inherent value propositions that uniquely position the WBG to meet its overarching institutional goals and strategies. To illustrate how trust funds play a key role in and directly contribute to the WBG strategy, each trust fund value proposition is substantiated by results stories that provide a snapshot of what the WBG and its partners and clients have been able to achieve through trust fund-financed activities. For pillar 4 of the Forward Look (Improving the Business Model), the chapter highlights how the ongoing trust fund reform process will contribute to the WBG’s efficiency, effectiveness, and overall development impact for clients and donors.

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