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Driving Revolutionary Ideas Into Practice


Cover page of Driving Revolutionary Ideas into Practice Report
In addition to the full version of the Driving Revolutionary Ideas into Practice reportwe are delighted to introduce a chapter-by-chapter line-up for easy review and download. The report is divided into four chapters that represent four themes: Infrastructure for Climate Change, Poverty Reduction 2.0, Human Development on Mobile and Government, Disrupted.

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I.    Infrastructure for Climate Change: Drains, Taps, and Canals

Case Study 1. Releasing Economic Constraints to Get Irrigation Working

Case Study 2. Building More or Managing Right?

Case Study 3. Caring for the Investments We Make

Case Study 4. Investing in Drainage or Managing Waste? Different Costs, Same Results

II.     Reducing Poverty 2.0 Cash, Cows, and Beyond

Case Study 5. The Power of Small, Temporary Cash Transfers

Case Study 6. Scaling Effective Economic Inclusion Programs

Case Study 7. Targeting the Ultra Poor in Extremely Fragile Contexts

Case Study 8. Not All Programs Deliver the Same Value

III.    Human Development on Mobile Move, Play, and Learn

Case Study 9. Women’s Safety-Constrained Education and Labor Decisions

Case Study 10. Streaming for Social Change at Scale

Case Study 11. Edutainment and Edtech for Effective Home Learning

IV.    Government, Disrupted Data Lakes, Apps, AI, and Humans

Case Study 12. Incremental AI for Fairer and More Efficient Justice

Case Study 13. AI to Save Lives on City Roads

Case Study 14. Electronic Billing to Shape the COVID-19 Recovery

Case Study 15. Evidence-Based Training for Civil Servants

Case Study 16. A Global Model for Improved Patient Safety

The Way Forward

Appendix A. About DIME

Appendix B. i2i Umbrella Facility

Appendix C. List of Impact Evaluations

Appendix D. Publications