Procurement Contracts Award Summary

The set of procurement contract awards on this site include summary and detailed reports for commitments against prior-review Bank-funded contracts awarded under IDA/IBRD investment projects and related Trust Funds (*).

Summary reports (click the individual charts below to view the data) are broken down by OECD and non-OECD countries; detailed reports are country-specific and cover 101 countries that currently have Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO) network representatives.

Summary Reports FY2000 - FY2019

Summary by Region & OECD

Summary by Region & Procurement Category

OECD & Non-OECD Supplier Totals

Supplier Totals by Country

Report Attributes

(1) A project's thresholds for prior review vary from loan to loan and from country to country; they are specified in the project's Procurement Plan. Contracts below the prior review threshold, and other fast-disbursing contracts subject to the Bank's ex-post review, are not entered in the Bank's procurement systems.

(2) The nationality of awarded firms is based on place of registration, which may or may not be the same as the country of origin.

(3) Contract totals may vary in past and present fiscal or calendar years, as contracts may be cancelled or amended throughout a project's lifetime.

(4) All contract values reflect committed (not disbursed) amounts, and are in US dollars, based on the US Treasury's rate of exchange at the time of the Bank's no objection to the contract award.

(5) Contracts may include prior reviewed awards under the following agreement types: IDA, IBRD, Carbon Offset, Debt Reduction Facility, Global Environment Projects, GEF Medium Sized Programs, Guarantees, Institutional Development Fund, Montreal Protocol, JSA/PRSP and JSA/I-PRSP, Recipient-Executed Activities, Rainforest, Special Financing, IFAD-Funded projects, and UNDP-funded projects.

(6) Some contracts are mapped to multiple Major Sectors and are listed broken down into these sectors with an equal division of the total contract amount. For this reason, the total number of contracts may appear larger than it actually is.

Abbreviations: Please note that some aspects of the detailed contract reports contain acronyms or abbreviations for Procurement Types. The legend to explain these Types is here.

(*) Disclaimer : "Since the reports on this site do not list all contracts awarded by the Bank, they should be viewed only as a guide to determine the distribution of major contracts among the Bank's member countries. The Procurement Policy and Services Group does not guarantee the data included in this publication and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of its use."

Detailed Reports
(For 101 Countries with PSLO network representation)

The 101 country-specific reports summarize contract award commitments under Bank-financed IDA/IBRD investment projects for Fiscal Years 2008-2016.

Contract totals are broken down by operational region, client country, major sector, procurement category (works, goods, consultancy services, and services), type of contract, procurement method, project ID and name, loan/credit number, agreement type (IBRD, IDA, GEF, etc.), contract description, supplier name, and amount in US dollars and/or US dollar equivalent.


PSLO Countries Report - FY 08-19

Contract Awards (Red Book)

Bankwide Reports Calendar Years 2000-2015

CY 2000-2002

CY 2003-2006

CY 2007-2009

CY 2010-2015

These Contract Award tables are a complilation of contracts that were reviewed and agreed to by Bank staff before they were awarded; i.e., prior review contracts. Generally, all major contracts financed under investment lending are subject to this prior review.

Miscellaneous/Other Reports

The reports in this section are similar to our Contract Awards (Red Book) reports but follow a different structure/data order and cover contract commitments from fiscal year 1993 to 2017, batched into sets of two or more fiscal years.


Bankwide Awards by Fiscal Year







FY12-16 FY17 FY18-19

Also similar to the above reports, the following reports break down the contract awards by procurement category (goods, works, consultants, and non-consultant services) for fiscal years 2007-2017. Please note that category non-consultant services was discontinued for a period of time and reinstated in FY10.


Bankwide Awards - by Category

Goods FY07-17, FY19

Works FY07-17, FY19

Consultant Services FY07-17, FY19

Non- Consultant FY07-17, FY19

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