The Public Financial Management Enhancement Project

December 24, 2015


This $20 million recipient-executed project aims to improve financial reporting, internal controls, fiscal transparency and accountability in government finances in Zimbabwe. The project will be accompanied by a WBG grant to finance supervision over the life of the four-year project of $0.8 million.

The project builds on earlier work supported by the WBG that helped to resuscitate Zimbabwe’s financial management information system (IFMIS) and accounting functions. Under that program, training and other support was provided to the supreme audit institution and the Parliament to help clear a long backlog of audit report reviews.

The project design of the project is supported by a public expenditure and financial accountability (PEFA) assessment and a recent Use of Country Systems assessment. A new PEFA assessment will be used as the main monitoring and evaluation instrument.

The project will also help to expand and extend the IFMIS including to some district offices, strengthen the regulatory framework for internal controls and provide support to demand side accountability institutions in Parliament and civil society. 

The main counterparts are the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Parliament of Zimbabwe, Office of the Auditor General and other line ministries. Within the WBG, this program is supported by the Governance Global Practice.