The Capital Budgets TA Program

December 24, 2015


With a main focus on transport and energy, this $4.3 million World Bank-executed technical assistance program aims to improve Zimbabwe’s capacity to leverage much-needed infrastructure financing by working on the public investment management system and state owned enterprise governance.

The program will help the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) to develop guidelines and manuals for the full public investment management (PIM) cycle and to train line ministry staff. It will provide technical assistance and policy advice to improve the regulatory framework for, and specific proposed, joint ventures and public private partnerships in key investment areas.

The program will also support the reform of state-owned enterprises and parastatals (SEPs). This will range from a baseline stock-take, through reviews of corporate governance compliance with new national codes, and of the exercise of government’s ownership function, to advise on strategic options for both specific enterprises and the portfolio as a whole.

The main counterparts are MoFED, the Office of the President and Cabinet, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, and the Ministry of Energy and Power Development. Within the WBG, this program is supported by the GovernanceEnergy & ExtractivesTransport & ICT, and Food & Agriculture global practices.