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TDLC’s Operational Support Promotes Citizen Engagement in Madagascar

Madagascar OS_Community Mapping in the Citizen Engagement Workshop
Community Mapping in the Citizen Engagement Workshop (Copyright: World Bank TDLC)

In the week of 25 September, the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) participated in an Implementation Support Mission in Antananarivo, Madagascar for the World Bank-supported Madagascar Integrated Urban Development and Resilience Project for Greater Antananarivo (PRODUIR). For this mission, the TDLC brought a Japanese urban expert to support the Ministry in charge of planning and land management (MATSF), the municipality of Antananarivo, the Project Management Unit (PMU), the Agence d'Exécution des Travaux d'Intérêt Public et d'Aménagement (AGETIPA) enhance citizen engagement in selection of neighborhood upgrading infrastructure. This mission is a follow up to a technical assistance mission in May 2023 that also brought Japanese expertise in nature-based solutions, flood management, and community engagement. The participation of TDLC in the PRODUIR missions is part of Operational Support (OS) that TDLC provides to World Bank task teams requiring help in preparing new operations or supervising projects.

The OS to PRODUIR focused on providing PMU and the Municipality of Antananarivo on the Japanese and international experiences in citizen inclusive urban regeneration, landscape, and placemaking in dense city centers during workshops organized during the mission. From feedback received from the participants, the OS provided inspirations on engaging citizens in urban development projects, including Japanese Machi-zukuri (participatory town planning) approach. TDLC also facilitated a demonstration of citizen engagement workshop by engaging them in envisioning the future of the Andavamamba neighborhood around the development of the retention pond in this community. The demonstration workshop gave a good understanding of the local needs and lessons on how to sustainably continue the dialogue among the local communities, PMU, AGETIPA, and the Municipality of Antananarivo. The participants also believe that the OS is paving the way in introducing a culture of citizen engagement to the area and gave hope to the local residents on how they can be part of the process in improving their living conditions. Furthermore, the workshop is helping the citizen engagement task force of Antananarivo’s municipality plan and deliver a more structured approach in citizen engagement in urban projects beyond PRODUIR.