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BRIEF May 12, 2023

TDLC Collaborated with Yokohama City to Contribute to World Bank’s International Workshop on Resilient Cities in Bangkok

Yokohama City in WB Resilient Cities in Bangkok

From March 8-10, 2023, in Bangkok, the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) contributed to the World Bank’s international workshop “Making Thai Cities Resilient and Attractive for Investment while Unlocking their Potential for Livability and Sustainability”. In cooperation with Yokohama City—a participant of the TDLC’s City Partnership Program—and among numerous other international experts, the workshop supported Thai cities and their plans to mobilize capital for policies and investments that will make cities more livable and sustainable through resilient, inclusive, and sustainable pathways. The workshop convened central and provincial government agencies, local governments, and the private sector, and featured topics on planning and financing for resilience, how to use data and analytics to make the shift from sectoral to spatial solutions, and how to strengthen municipalities’ institutional capacity.

Mr. Toru Hashimoto, Director General of the International Affairs Bureau of Yokohama, presented "Financing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure - Sharing Yokohama's Experience and Expertise" during the workshop’s March 9 session called “Financing Resilient Infrastructure: Global Case Studies”.  This was a valuable opportunity for sharing Japanese good practices on urban resilience planning. Mr. Hashimoto also engaged in candid discussions with other international and local experts from among the roughly 100 attendees.