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Yokohama’s population increased sharply during the city’s post-war period of rapid economic growth. The city faced urban challenges much like other cities in emerging economies today. To address these, Yokohama has implemented various development projects under a comprehensive and long-term urban plan that includes mechanisms and incentives to encourage citizens and businesses to participate in the projects, an approach that has left its mark on the present-day city. In doing so, Yokohama has transformed itself into an environmentally friendly, livable city with a strong economic base. 

Since the launch of TDLC's City Partnership Program in 2016, Yokohama has been sharing its knowledge and experience with cities in developing countries that are implementing projects financed by the World Bank. It has participated in Technical Deep Dives on topics including urban design and resilience, waste reduction, and the integration of flood control and wastewater treatment. TDLC and Yokohama also co-organize the annual Asia Smart City Conference, one of the city's major international events, and arranges for city officials and experts to support projects in other countries under the TDLC Operational Support program. 

Key topics of engagement  

  • Comprehensive urban regeneration 
  • Resiliency and flood control measures 
  • Competitive and smart cities


Voice of the city 

“Yokohama was selected to participate in the first phase of the City Partnership Program and has since been working with TDLC to share its knowledge. The "Yokohama Development Knowledge Sourcebook" and the "Yokohama: Reinventing the Future of a City" program, have helped us to reaffirm our strengths as a city. The hosting of the Asia Smart Cities Conference, in collaboration with TDLC, has boosted our status as a marketplace for information and people related to international urban development. In 2021, we have enhanced the Y-PORT Center as a knowledge hub modelled on TDLC’s approaches. We will continue to contribute to the addressing of urban challenges in emerging countries by further strengthening our partnership with TDLC.” 

Toru Hashimoto, Director General, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama

Key recent collaborations 

*As of June 2022


Key Publications


Yokohama Urban Design Sketchbook : Translating a Community-Led Vision into Practice

March 2022

Japan-World Bank Program for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries

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