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Global Tax Program

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The Global Tax Program implements a broad package of activities tailored to the specific policy and capacity development needs of beneficiary countries, while assisting them in addressing key international tax issues. GTP also supports knowledge creation, knowledge management and sharing on domestic resource mobilization (DRM) and the expansion of these activities and tools on a global scale.

GTP Activities Dashboard: The GTP Activities Dashboard is an interactive tool, which gives users direct access to information on the countries which the GTP supports, as well as ongoing activities. The tool allows the user to view and adjust charts on specific subsets of countries or countries supported in specific categories of tax work. The user can combine and project characteristics for a custom report and can create geographical visualization of project funding for any countries and GTP projects of interest. More information on data sources, methodology, and other documentation can be found in the dashboard’s “About” page. The tool can be downloaded below. The dashboard has been updated up to March 2024.

For any questions about the GTP Activities Dashboard, please contact the Global Tax Program Secretariat.

Last updated: March 2024