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Coastal Fisheries Initiative – Challenge Fund Global Knowledge Competition

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Competition Virtual Knowledge Sharing Seminar

Watch the conversation with the winners and runners up as well as fisheries experts as they discuss the solutions; challenges and opportunities to form coalitions; and means to implement the solutions.

Competition Announces Innovative Solutions to Reduce Coastal Overfishing

The four winners and four runners-up outlined original approaches for how their coalitions will reduce overfishing, improve sustainable fishing practices, and increase incomes of fishers and others in value chain.

Global Knowledge Competition (GKC)

Spanning four countries, this competition aims to mobilize the collective power of fishing communities, businesses, investors, governments, and other seafood stakeholders to design and implement innovative methods that promote the sustainable use and management of coastal fish stocks.

Partner with Us

The CFI-CF Global Knowledge Competition seeks public and private sector partners that share the CFI-CF vision to build coalitions to tackle overfishing in coastal fisheries.


The competition is open to established or newly formed coalitions, as well as individual organizations seeking coalition partners, working in coastal fisheries or seafood and related industries in Cabo Verde, Ecuador, Indonesia, or Peru.

Coalitions must be composed of three or more collaborating organizations, including at least two of the following types of organizations:

  • fishing associations or other coastal community organizations
  • businesses
  • nonprofit organizations

Furthermore, at least two of the coalition organizations must have ongoing operations in the target competition country during the competition.


We are looking for solutions that address overfishing and promote sustainable use and management of coastal fisheries resources through improved coordination and collaboration among fishers and across various stakeholders.

Where fish stocks are already degraded, solutions must include biological restoration of fish stock to rebuild the fishery to sustainable levels.

Incentives for better coordination of fishing level and timing may be generated through arrangements in the value chains to ensure higher post-harvest value of fish catches, catalyze alternative industry structure or practices, and attract innovative financing mechanisms.


All applications will be judged against the following five areas:

  • Problem and Solution Fit 
  • Potential Impact 
  • Enhanced Coordination 
  • Coalition Capability and Structure 
  • Sustainability and Replicability


Participant Journey

Application period

January 12, 2022 - March 20, 2022

Applicants will prepare and submit their applications by the application deadline of March 20, 2022 midnight, Washington, DC. Please read the Full Competition Details for eligibility criteria and examples of hypothetical proposals to help guide the application process.


In January 2022, we will announce a series of virtual information sessions to be held in each of the four competition countries in their official language (Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, and Spanish) with one additional session held in English. Please follow to find out how to join the sessions.

Coaching and mentoring

April – May 2022

Applicants who pass the eligibility screening will receive coaching and mentoring intended to strengthen their solutions. After coaching and mentoring, competitors will have a one-time opportunity to resubmit their enhanced solutions by May 31, 2022 midnight, Washington, DC.

Final application submission deadline

May 31, 2022

After the application deadline, all entries will be assessed against the Evaluation Criteria and one winner and one runner-up from each country will be selected.

Winners notified

August 2022

The World Bank will notify all applicants of their status via email in August 2022. 

Winner announcement and knowledge sharing event

September 2022

In September of 2022, the World Bank will announce the winners at a public, virtual knowledge sharing event, during which all winners and runners-up will share their solutions and knowledge around coalition-building to address overfishing in coastal fisheries.

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