Tanzania Journalism Workshop

March 6, 2017


The workshop in Dar es Salaam focused on understanding and using impact evaluation research to improve reporting by media. Journalists also received hands on experience interviewing impact evaluation researchers from the Center for Effective Global Action and drafting articles. Experts from the media and communications development organizations led a panel for both researchers and journalists on how to build a compelling story and how to package data so journalists and readers pay attention. (July 2016)


"I often thought that to look smart you should use highly technical terminologies punctuated with jargon. (The panel) made me appreciate that research (needs to) be communicated to a wide and diverse audience."

Kizito Omala
PhD in Applied Statistics from Makerere University, Uganda and EASST Visiting Fellow at Center for Effective Global Action


The panel was chaired by SIEF’s Aliza Marcus and included Tanzania-based BBC reporter Sammy Awami; Senior Communications Advisor for Twaweza, Risha Chande;  Knight International Journalism Fellow Omar Mohammed; and Research Manager, BBC Media Action, Doreen Bangapi.


"Top tip for researchers: Make numbers understandable by backing them up with real world examples of why they are relevant."

Sammy Awami
Tanzania-based BBC reporter