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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can an institution or an individual submit more than one proposal?
    Yes, applicants can apply for multiple projects. Applicants who are designing evaluations for intervention projects that are not listed in the Call for Proposals can design and submit multiple proposals. Applicants designing evaluations for intervention projects listed in the Call for Proposals can submit applications for multiple projects.

    Applications for different projects can use the same Principal Investigator. However, a Principal Investigator cannot submit multiple applications for the same project.
  2. Is it possible to apply as Principal Investigator in one project but a co-Principal Investigator in a second project?

  3. Can I submit a proposal for a project that is not on the list.

    Yes, we accept applications for evaluation designs of interventions that are not on the list and that are not affiliated with any World Bank or DFID projects.
  4. I’m planning on applying to match with one of the projects listed. Can I get the project ID or the name of the project task team leader so I can get more information about the project?

    No, we do not provide additional information about listed projects prior to Screening 1. You can visit the World Bank’s website to gather publicly available information about ongoing projects in different countries.

    After applications make it past Screening 1, we will share applicants’ contact information with project teams. If interested, these teams will match with researchers and jointly apply for funding during Screening 2.
  5. In drawing up the proposed budget, can I include the salary that will be paid for the principal investigator’s time on the impact evaluation?

    Yes.  As long as the work is for the evaluation, the principal investigator’s time can be charged to SIEF fund.
  6. What counts as an evaluation cost?

    Evaluation costs include things evaluation and survey design, data collection, analysis, and in-country dissemination of results.
  7. Can you give any additional guidance on how you will score principal investigator experience?

    To be considered as principal investigator, an applicant needs to show that s/he has completed an evaluation as a principal investigator before. This does not necessarily requiring showing a published journal article – a published working paper would also count.
  8. Can SIEF funding be applied to some of the costs of the intervention?

    No, funding is for the cost of the evaluation alone. There are no exceptions.
  9. Will SIEF accept applications for evaluations of projects in all countries?

    Our focus is on low- and middle-countries, and applications for evaluations of projects in these countries receive priority.