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Rapid Social Response Program (RSR)

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Afghanistan: Support to New and Improved Social Protection and Labor Systems

The RSR is helping generate evidence-based guidance to support the development of social protection policies that strengthen the safety net and increase the social protection coverage of the poor.


Bangladesh: Piloting Safety Net Programs to Reach the Poor and Vulnerable

RSR funding has helped showcase international best practices in building social protection instruments, and in assessing the limitations and possibilities of different social protection programs given the local context.


Benin: Creating a National Targeting and Registry Platform

The RSR has helped put Benin on a positive trajectory toward creating a sound system—and, in the process, harmonized interministerial coordination and raised the overall profile of safety nets in the country.


Cambodia: From a Pilot to an Integrated Social Protection System

Given the country’s limited capacity for a systemic approach, the RSR is helping establish foundational elements of a social protection system in Cambodia.


Republic of Congo: Using Safety Nets to Promote Non-Oil-Dependent Growth

A grant from the RSR is helping build the foundation for an effective safety net system in the Republic of Congo, thereby improving access for the poor and for vulnerable households.


Ghana: Targeting Safety Nets and Health Insurance Beneficiaries

The RSR is helping Ghana improve its social protection system.  The current grant offers technical assistance and capacity building to roll out the National Targeting System, which will support the country’s main safety net program—the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) cash transfer program— as well as the National Health Insurance Scheme.


India: Reaching Out to the Informal Sector in Urban India

RSR funding is being used to assess the implementation of urban programs, specifically how beneficiaries are identified and targeted, and to pilot mechanisms to enhance social protection coverage of informal urban workers.


Myanmar: Working toward Evidence-based Policy Making

As Myanmar emerges from decades of isolation, the RSR is helping generate evidence-based guidance and decision making in the social protection sphere, as well as weave new relationships with development partners. 


Nigeria: Building Blocks for an Effective Social Protection System

The RSR is helping Nigeria establish the building blocks for an effective social protection platform. 


Tanzania: Operationalizing the Tanzania Productive Social Safety Net

The RSR has played a fundamental role in achieving operationalization and massive expansion of Tanzania’s safety net system, the Tanzania Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN). 


Uganda: Toward a Sustainable Social Protection System

The RSR is helping Uganda strengthen implementation of social protection programs, while setting a path toward developing a sustainable social protection system. 


Zimbabwe: Reviving the Safety Net System

The RSR grant aimed to help revive Zimbabwe’s social protection system, while bringing efficiency and international best practices to the sector. 


Africa Community of Practice: Fostering Knowledge Exchange on Cash Transfers in Francophone Africa

The RSR is supporting increased knowledge exchange among francophone countries in Africa through a community of practice (CoP), in order to generate more information on the implementation or scale-up of cash transfer programs. 


South-South Learning: The RSR and South-South Learning

In November 2015, the RSR supported the 6th South-South Learning Forum, Emerging Social Protection Systems in an Urbanizing World, in Beijing. 


Disaster-Responsive Social Protection

The RSR has partnered with the GFDRR and, as of December 2015, channeled $1.2 million to support activities in Jamaica; the Pacific Islands of Fiji, Tonga, and Vanuatu; and the Philippines. 


Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection

Nutrition-sensitive RSR grants can support work in middle-income countries, and aim to influence nutrition through improvements to SPL systems. 

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