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Press Release

World Bank’s PROBLUE Ocean Trust Fund Extended to 2030

The World Bank and twelve donor partners announced the extension of the PROBLUE program, a multi-donor trust fund dedicated to supporting a healthy and productive ocean, until the year 2030. The announcement was made at the second annual PROBLUE Global Engagement Forum.


The Nature-Based Solutions Opportunity Scan

Access to actionable information that outlines opportunities for nature-based solutions investments at early stages of project design is essential for enabling the scale up of these solutions. The Nature-Based Solutions Opportunity Scan is a geospatial analysis and participatory process offered by GFDRR as an on-demand service in cities and coastal areas worldwide.


The World Bank Group and the Marine Plastics Agenda

Read how the World Bank Group supports countries around the globe and across a broad array of sectors in their efforts to address plastic pollution from source to sea, at every stage of the lifecycle, from stopping leakages into the environment, to enabling a circular economy.


PROBLUE Impact Stories

Read examples of how PROBLUE is driving results and impact — helping countries and the global community achieve their Blue Economy goals.


Protecting Biodiversity in Ghana’s Wetlands

Wetlands are crucial for nature and the communities that depend on them. The World Bank's WACA Program, with support from PROBLUE, is supporting the Government of Ghana in the protection and restoration of the Muni Lagoon's natural habitat.


WACA Impact Stories

The World Bank with the support of PROBLUE and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) launched these impact stories (in English, French and Portuguese). These stories showcase a selection of WACA flagship projects that have tackled key threats to West Africa’s coastal countries and had a powerful and positive impact on the region.


Sustainable Aquabusiness Investment Guide

The Word Bank's Aquabusiness Investment Advisory Platform, supported by PROBLUE, launched the "Sustainable Aquabusiness Investment Guide" in collaboration with Advance Africa Management Services.

Feature Story

The Blue Economy: An Ocean of Opportunity for Women

Story about how Unleashing the Blue Economy of the Caribbean Project (UBEC), a 15-year, $90 million initiative funded by the World Bank and the multi-donor ocean trust fund PROBLUE, is empowering female entrepreneurs.


Maldives Country Environmental Analysis

The CEA of the Maldives documents the main sustainable natural resource and environmental management challenges and provides recommendations for transitioning to a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive Blue Economy.


WBG and the INC on Plastic Pollution Process

Check out our new webpage which has all the information about our contribution to the INC (Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee) process.


‘A Small Island Nation’: Pacific Island Fisheries Leaders Travel to Iceland

In late 2023, a group of 15 leading fisheries officials from the Pacific islands travelled to Iceland, supported by PROBLUE, as part of a World Bank-backed knowledge exchange – to learn from Iceland's experience of growing its fisheries sector, and to share knowledge from across the ocean.


Table for 10 Billion: The Global Potential of Seaweed Market

On this podcast episode, learn how seaweed farming can help build a world free of poverty on a livable planet and has enormous growth potential.

World Bank Expert Answers

How Is Plastic Pollution Linked to Poverty and Development?

How does plastic pollution affect those living in low-and-middle income countries? What do we do around single-use plastics—plastic products that are used just once before becoming waste? And how is the World Bank responding?


Unlocking Blue Carbon Development Report 2023

This first-of-its-kind blue carbon readiness framework empowers governments to tap into their full blue carbon potential to benefit people and the planet.


2023 Annual Report

In fiscal year 2023, PROBLUE approved 53 proposals amounting to $50.5 million, alongside seven additional financings worth $1.35 million, increasing its overall portfolio of technical activities to $144 million in support of 181 activities in 80 economies.


Global Seaweed New and Emerging Markets Report 2023

This new report has identified ten global seaweed markets with the potential to grow by an additional USD 11.8 billion by 2030. Yet, much of the seaweed sector’s value remains untapped - it has clear growth potential beyond its current markets.


Revitalizing Ghana's Mangroves and Coastal Livelihoods

In Ghana, up to 30% of mangroves have been lost due to degradation and destruction in the last 25 years. The World Bank and PROBLUE are working with the Government of Ghana to protect and restore mangroves.


PROBLUE and Biodiversity

The PROBLUE Program is stepping up its financial, technical and knowledge support to countries as they seek to implement the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

feature story

Fisheries Under Pressure - from Ghana to the Caribbean

Protecting and investing in nature’s coastal and marine resources will pay dividends for countries, communities, biodiversity, and the climate.

feature story

Securing Our Future Through Biodiversity

Biodiversity is our planet’s wealth. It is a cornerstone of development, and its loss threatens many hard-won development gains.


Blue Economy for Resilient Africa Program

Launched at COP27, the World Bank, with support from PROBLUE, announced a new Blue Economy program that will catalyze financing and provide an operational response to development challenges in coastal-marine areas of the African continent.


Where Is the Value in the Chain? Pathways out of Plastic Pollution

This report provides key recommendations on how to create a comprehensive approach to tackling plastic pollution.


Applying the Blue Economy Approach to World Bank Operations

In close collaboration with international institutions, development partners, and client countries, the World Bank is leading the effort to develop and operationalize the concept of the blue economy by focusing on the integration and sustainability of different oceanic sectors.

Guidance Note

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) for a Resilient and Inclusive Blue Economy

This guidance note examines the most productive ways to integrate MSP into World Bank projects and operations, and helps client countries invest in MSP.


Supporting Biodiversity and Healthy Ecosystem Services in Oceans and Coasts

Oceans are essential to life on earth and provide many biodiversity and ecosystem services to support it. Learn how marine spatial planning can help sustain these services.


Guidance Note for a Blue Public Expenditure Review

A blue public expenditure review can be a valuable tool for countries on their journey to a blue economy, to help drive blue sectors toward better environmental practices and management and support long-term, healthy development agendas.

feature story

What You Need to Know About Oceans and Climate Change

Oceans play a critical role in regulating the climate, but how healthy are our oceans today and what kind of impact is climate change having?


Get Clean and Green – Solid and Plastic Waste Management in Lao PDR

A new World Bank report, supported by the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund and PROBLUE, offers recommendations on how to better control solid waste and plastic pollution and is being used by the government as a key input for the National Plastic Action Plan.

press release

Sustainable Plastic Management is Key To Achieve Green Growth for Bangladesh

Sustainable management of plastic will be crucial for Bangladesh to tackle the increasing plastic pollution and ensure green growth, says a new World Bank Report.


About the Program

PROBLUE is an umbrella multi-donor trust fund, administered by the World Bank, that supports the sustainable and integrated development of marine and coastal resources in a healthy ocean.

What is the Blue Economy?

A Blue Economy approach is defined as the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and job creation while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems.


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