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Skills Development/TVET


Photo: Jonathan Ernst/World Bank

Regional TVET Initiative

The Regional TVET Initiative, currently implemented as a World Bank-financed project, will develop highly specialized regional flagship institutes in 16 selected TVET institutions in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The proposed flagship institutes are meant to train technicians and faculty; develop industry recognized short-term training, targeting regional priority sectors, including transport, energy, manufacturing and ICT; and provide support on quality assurance and curriculum development to promote regional mobility of skilled workforces in SSA. The first phase of the project focuses on Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

The interventions under the project will be at 3 levels – regional, national, and center-level.

  1. Regional level
    • harmonization of standards and mutual recognition of qualifications for priority occupations
    • establishment of regional technical TVET center for policy research, strategy development, and knowledge dissemination
    • capacity development for Africa skills competition
  2. National level
    • strengthening of national TVET quality assurance system
    • capacity building for TVET policy development and implementation
    • promotion of regional integration
  3. Center level
    • strengthening of center governance and management
    • institutionalization of industry linkage
    • development and implementation of market relevant and competency based training programs including a potential use of technologies such as 3D printer, digital fabrication tools and virtual reality, training of managers and teachers
    • upgrading of instructional facility and equipment
    • support for non-project national TVET centers

As a part of the project development, the selected African TVET institutes have been exposed to best practices around the world including Korea and China through knowledge exchange visits.  See more details on visits here