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Training workshop on Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Assessment and Fiscal Incidence Analysis

  • A training workshop on Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Assessment and Fiscal Incidence Analysis was held from 27-29 June 2022, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The three-day workshop focused on the construction of CEQ Income concepts; the estimation of fiscal equity impact indicators and their interpretation; CEQ extensions for gender equality, children, and simulating policy reform; and Ethiopia-specific examples of CEQ Assessments and extensions as well as other fiscal incidence applications.  The presentations included the following:


    ·  CEQ Assessments and the Fiscal Incidence Analysis Toolkit by Jon Jellema

    · Engendering Fiscal Incidence using the Commitment to Equity by Caren Grown

    · Fiscal Incidence Analysis for Ethiopia by Christina Wieser, Wondimagegn Mesfin Tesfaye & Jia Gao

    · A Gendered Fiscal Incidence Analysis for Ethiopia: Evidence from Individual-Level Data by Alemayehu Ambel, Wondimagegn Mesfin Tesfaye & Manex Bule Yonis

    · Children and the Fiscal Space in Ethiopia: A Gendered CEQ Assessment   by Alemayehu Ambel, Getachew Yirga Belete & Oliver Fiala


    The workshop was attended by experts from the following institutions: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Development, the Ministry of Revenues, the Ethiopian Statistics Service, the Ethiopian Economics Association, Policy Studies Institute, Tax Dev – IFS, and World Bank.