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Latin America and the Caribbean Gender Innovation Lab

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Recent Publications

  • Girls education
    Facilitating the School to Work Transition of Young Women

    In Latin America and the Caribbean, the school-to-work transition is more challenging for girls than boys due to societal norms. This policy brief provides novel evidence on the effects of the work-study program by gender. Read more on the topic from our Policy Brief and Knowledge to Action Note.

  • Mexico Entrepreneurs
    Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies

    Women-owned businesses in emerging economies tend to be less profitable than those owned by men. Understanding the challenges women entrepreneurs face is essential to help them increase their profits. This report shares lessons learned from interventions piloted by the LAC Gender Innovation Lab in Mexico. These interventions help small women retailers to compete more effectively with big retailers, thus improving their livelihoods. Read more on the topic from our Report and Knowledge to Action Note.

  • DIGITARO project
    DIGITAGRO - Investing in Digital Technology to Increase Market Access for Women Agri-preneurs in Guatemala

    The World Bank’s DIGITAGRO project, piloted digital technologies to improve market access for women agripreneurs, so they could supply the School Feeding Program in a fair, safe, sustainable, and profitable way while helping schools improve children’s nutrition. The purpose of this report is to describe the DIGITAGRO project and to present the findings of the impact evaluation study on the information campaign. Read More