Impact of the Syrian Crisis

1 million
Syrian refugees and counting have crossed into Lebanon since the beginning of the conflict

Lebanese expected to fall into poverty by 2014, in addition to the current 1 million poor, due to the Syrian crisis

increase in unemployment rate in Lebanon due to influx of Syrian refugees

Lebanese expected to join the ranks of the unemployment by 2014

refugee children are expected to enroll in Lebanon for the 2013-2014 school year

$348-$434 million
needed by Lebanon's public education system to accommodate all the additional Syrian students in 2014

$177 million
required to maintain quality and access of social services in Lebanon through the end of 2014

decrease in Lebanon's GDP growth rate due to low consumer confidence and interruptions to trade and business after the Syrian crisis

$1.1 billion
total cost of Lebanon's public expenditures over 2012-2014 to accommodate the surge in demand for public services due to influx of Syrian refugees

$193 million
investment needed to deal with waste management in Lebanon due to influx of Syrian refugees