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Documents for the 3rd meeting of the Task Force on PPP Compilation and Computation (September 27-28, 2018)

Session 01: Introductory remarks

  • Recommendations from the 2nd Meeting of the ICP Technical Advisory Group, Erwin Diewert


Session 02: Review of the ICP 2017, interim and extrapolation data submitted to date

  • Submission status, coverage and quality, Global ICP Unit, World Bank

Session 03: Building PPP timeseries for the interim period

  • Refined proposal for producing “interpolated” PPP time-series for the years between reference year comparisons, Prasada Rao

Presentation | Document

  • Alternative methods for interpolating PPPs, Erwin Diewert

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Session 04: Recalculating ICP 2011 results

  • Eurostat PPP revision exercise, Paulus Konijn


  • Process and requirements, Yuri Dikhanov


Session 05: Productivity adjustment for government

  • Impact of relying on new data sources for estimating productivity adjustment factors, Robert Inklaar

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Session 06: Substitution bias in the CPD results

  • Checking for substitution bias in the CPD results, Robert Hill


Session 07: Conclusions and recommendations