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Documents for the 2nd meeting of the Task Force on PPP Compilation and Computation (March 13, 2018)

Session 01: Introductory remarks

  • Task Force task list and meeting objectives, Erwin Diewert and Marko Rissanen


Session 02: Availability of interim data and extrapolation indices

  • Status and way forward


Session 03: Linking interim regional updates into a global comparison

  • Updates on Asia’s interim regional update and treatment of non-participating countries, Kaushal Joshi
  • Updates on Western Asia’s interim regional updates and treatment of non-participating countries, Majed Skaini


  • Updates on Africa’s 2015/2016 data, Fessou Lawson
  • Linking specific headings for Eurostat-OECD countries for interim years, Eurostat and OECD, Paulus Konijn and Francette Koechlin

Session 04: Productivity adjustment for government

  • Options for updating and applying productivity adjustment factors for interim years and 2017 cycle, Robert Inklaar


Session 05: Building PPP time series for the interim period

  • Update of paper “A move towards the compilation of PPPs and real expenditures on an annual basis", Prasada Rao and Robert Inklaar


  • Options for determining optimal extrapolation level and indices, Yuri Dikhanov and Sergey Sergeev

Presentation 1 | Document 1

Presentation 2 | Document 2

  • Options for producing “smoothened” PPP time-series for the years between reference year comparisons, Prasada Rao and Robert Inklaar

Presentation  | Document

Session 06: Alternative options for linking regions at basic heading level, Robert Hill


Session 07: Conclusions and recommendations