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ICP Task Forces

The ICP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) establishes Task Forces to undertake research into specific technical issues identified in the ICP research agenda and support the computation of ICP results. Each Task Force is focusing on specific research items, as listed below. 

Task Forces Overview

List of Task Forces and Research Agenda Topics

TF01. PPP Compilation and Computation ( MEETINGS | TOR | MEMBERSHIP )

Task Team on Computation ( MEETINGS |TOR | MEMBERSHIP )

Task Team on Data Quality Assurance for the PPP Time Series ( MEETINGS | TOR | MEMBERSHIP )


TF03. Country Operational Guidelines and Procedures ( MEETINGS | TOR | MEMBERSHIP )

TF04. PPP Uses

TF05. PPPs and Poverty ( MEETINGS | TOR | MEMBERSHIP )

TF06. PPP Quality and Reliability

TF07. New Data Sources

TF08. Exports and Imports

TF09. Non-Market Services

TF10. Construction