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ICP: The 6th Inter-Agency Coordination Group Meeting (September 24-26, 2018)




Session 01: Welcome and meeting objectives Presentation

Session 02: Status of global activities and risks Presentation

Session 03: Status of regional activities and risks Document

Session 04: Status of regional data submissions Presentation

Session 05: Data Review*: ICP 2017 Price Data

Session 06: Data review*: Regional linking factors and comparability over time

Session 07: Data Review*: CPI time series Presentation

Session 08: Data Review*: GDP Expenditures

  • Interim GDP expenditures time series Presentation
  • Proposed 2017 GDP expenditures validation process 

Presentation 1 | Presentation 2 (Africa)

Session 09: Data Review*: Deflators time series Presentation

Session 10: Data Review*: Population time series Presentation

Session 11: Data Review*: Exchange rates time series Presentation

Session 12: SNA metadata review*: Current availability and findings

Presentation | Document

Session 13: Overall timeline, publication, data needs and access Presentation | Timetable

Document 1 (Criteria for Publication)

Document 2 (Data Needs for Quality Assurance) 

Document 3 (Data Access FAQs)

Document 4 (ICP Data Access Policy)

*[Joint session with the Task Team on Data Quality Assurance]