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ICP: The 5th Inter-Agency Coordination Group Meeting (March 14-15, 2018)




Session 01: Welcome and meeting objectives

Session 02:  Status of global activities and risks Presentation

Session 03: Findings and recommendations from the Task Forces’ meetings

Session 04: Status of regional activities and risks  Document

Session 05: Data and operational materials

  • Status of interim and extrapolation data for all GDP headings Presentation
  • Feedback on Global Core Lists and survey forms from regions/countries Presentation

Session 06: Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) surveys Presentation

  • GFCF survey schedule and item lists
  • Introduction of global consultants on GFCF
  • Round table discussion on GFCF: Identified regional challenges and support needs

Session 07: Overall timeline and publication of results Presentation | Timetable

Session 08: Publication of ICP results, data needs for quality assurance, and data access

  • Proposal for extending the ICP publication level, global data needs for quality assurance, and expanding data access Presentation
  • Criteria for the current Eurostat-OECD publication level Document
  • Associated challenges with extending the ICP publication level Presentation | Document
  • Regional feedback on expanding data access

Session 09: Update on IT tools Presentation

Session 10: Outreach, knowledge and uses

  • Global and regional plans for the ICP Golden Jubilee and Launch of PPP eLearning course Presentation
  • Latest uses of PPPs and ICP data Presentation