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ICP: The 4th Inter-Agency Coordination Group Meeting (October 23-25, 2017)




  • Session I: Status of Interim Activities and 2017 Cycle and Risk Assessment

Status of global activities, overall timetable, and risks Presentation

Status of regional activities and risks

ICP Africa Presentation

ICP Asia and the Pacific Presentation

ICP Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Presentation

ICP Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Presentation

ICP Western Asia Presentation

Eurostat-OECD PPP Program

  • Session II: Data Access, Publication of Results, and Uses

Data needs for quality assurance, publication of ICP results, and data access policy Presentation

Uses of PPPs and ICP Data Presentation

  • Session III: Country and Regional Feedback on ICP 2017 Operational Materials

Summary of feedback on ICP 2017 operational materials Presentation

  • Session IV: Data for Interim Years

Availability of Global Core average prices for interim years Presentation

Availability of extrapolation data for interim years Presentation

Regional results and extrapolation data for interim years: Availability, comparability, and challenges faced

ICP Africa

ICP Asia and the Pacific Presentation

ICP CIS Presentation

ICP LAC Presentation

ICP Western Asia Presentation

  • Session V: E-Learning

PPP E-Learning Course

  • Session VI: Data Processing and IT Solutions

Overall ICP tools landscape and data and metadata submission forms Presentation

New IT solutions for item list management and data validation Presentation