ICP Global Office



ICP Global Office

The World Bank, Development Economics Data Group (DECDG)

1818 H Street NW

Washington D.C. 20433 USA

Email: icp@worldbank.org

Tel:  +1 202 473 7824 (outside the US)

(or)        800 590 1906 (inside the US)

The team:

Hamadeh, Nada ICP Global Lead (Lead Economist and Program Manager)
Dikhanov, Yuri Senior Economist/Statistician
Rissanen, Marko Senior Statistician
Yamanaka, Mizuki Statistician
Nsabimana, Maurice Statistician
Song, Inyoung Statistical Analyst 
Vigil Oliver, William  Statistical Analyst 
Costa, Rui  Consultant
Purdie, Elizabeth Consultant
Chauhan, Shriya Consultant
Kebe, Nancy Program Assistant