ICP Global Office



ICP Global Office

The World Bank, Development Economics Data Group (DECDG)

1818 H Street NW

Washington D.C. 20433 USA

Email: icp@worldbank.org

Tel:  +1 202 473 7824 (outside the US)

(or)        800 590 1906 (inside the US)

The team:

Hamadeh, Nada ICP Global Lead (Lead Economist and Program Manager)
Dikhanov, Yuri Senior Economist/Statistician
Rissanen, Marko Senior Statistician
Yamanaka, Mizuki Statistician
Nsabimana, Maurice Statistician
Song, Inyoung Statistician
Costa, Rui  Statistical Analyst 
Purdie, Elizabeth Consultant
Vigil Oliver, William  Consultant
Kebe, Nancy Program Assistant