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Documents for the 7th ICP 2011 TAG Meeting (September 17-18, 2012)

Session I Revisiting the Linking & Aggregation Methods

1.00       Overview of Linking and Aggregation Methods - Presentation

1.01       Implementation of the Parallel Computations for Linking the Regions within the 2011 ICP

1.02       Should the Regions and the Global Office use Weighted GEKS?

1.03       Calibrating Measurement Uncertainty in Purchasing Power Parity Exchange Rates - Presentation

1.04       Linking IRAN to the International Comparison Program 2011 - Presentation

1.05       Planned Approach to Link the Pacific Islands to the ICP - Presentation

1.06       Linking in countries not Included in the Main Regional or Global Comparison at Item or Higher Levels - Presentation

1.07       Weighted GEKS/EKS: A proposal for Regional and Global ICPs - Presentation

Session II Review of 2011 Preliminary Data & Results

2.01       Report of the 2011 ICP Preliminary Results - Presentation

2.02       Validation of Availability and Importance Indicators - Presentation

Session III Government Services & Construction

3.01       PPPs for Government Services

3.02       Estimating Government Stock of Fixed Capital

3.03       A Preliminary Assessment of the Effect of the Change in Construction Methodology between the 2005 & 2011 Rounds - Presentation

3.04       Calculating Construction PPPs: a Working Note

3.05       2011 ICP Construction and Civil Engineering Survey: Outstanding Issues

Session IV Extrapolation

4.01       Extrapolating PPPs and Comparing ICP Benchmark Results

4.02       Consumer Price Indexes, Purchasing Power Parity Exchange Rates, and Updating - Presentation

4.03       Price Levels and Economic Growth

4.04       Extrapolating ICP Data and PPPs - Presentation

Session V Summary of Recommendation

5.01       Quality Indices Used for the Quantity Method for Estimating PPPs of dwelling services