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Documents for the 5th ICP 2011 TAG Meeting (April 18-19, 2011)

00. Meeting Objectives

00.01     Report from the INAG

01. Construction                            

01.01     A new approach to international construction price comparison

01.02     Note on informal construction

01.03     Construction survey form

02. Data Validation

02.01     Analysis of 2005 ring data guidance for validation of core prices

03. Productivity Adjustments and Implications for Linking                         

03.01     Background note on productivity adjustments as a special case of a general regional linking problem

04. Education                  

04.01     Education memo             

05. Net Expenditures Abroad                   

05.01     Net expenditure of residents abroad      

06. PPP Computation Task Force Meeting

07. Linking Basic Heading PPPs

07.01     Linking Basic Heading PPPs across regions            

07.02     Linking the regions

07.03     Within region Basic Heading PPPs            

07.04     Note on pricing more global core items

08. Linking PPPs above the Basic Heading                          

08.01     Possible approaches for the linking of the regions at the BH and aggregated levels for the ICP 2011

08.02     Linking the Regions in the International Comparisons Program at Basic Heading Level and at Higher Levels of Aggregation

08.03     Improving International Comparisons of Real Income: The ICP 2005 Benchmark and Its Implications for the Gap Between the West and China

09. Intra-Country Price Variation/ Urban- Rural Differentials                     

09.01     Using unit-values to assess spatial price differences: evidence from India and Brazil    

10. Reference PPPs

10.01     Presentation on Reference PPPs

11. Issues in Presenting and Linking Two Comparisons                 

11.01     CIS Statistical Committee – Recommendation for obtaining interim estimates for purchasing power parities

11.02     2009 PPP Update in the Asia-Pacific Region: Results and Comparison with 2005                     

Additional Presentations            

01. Meeting Objectives, Global Office

02. Data Validation, Global Office

03. Productivity Adjustment and Linking Issues, Alan Heston

04. Estimating Education Volumes, An Example from 2005 ICP: Proposed Data Collection Responsibilities for 2011 ICP, Alan Heston

05. Recommendation for Obtaining Interim Estimates for Purchasing Power Parities, CIS-Stat

06. Unit Values and Spatial Price Differences, Angus Deaton & Olivier Dupriez                     

07. Pricing More Global Core Items, Global Office

08. A Symmetric Version of the Eurostat-OECD Method, Robert Hill

09. Linking at aggregated levels, Global Office

10. Basic Heading PPPs, Within/Between Regions, Global Office