Documents for the 7th ICP 2011 RC Meeting (September 19-21, 2012)

Session I Status Reports

1.00       Global Status Reports - Presentation

1.01       Pacific Region Presentation

1.02       Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Presentation

1.03       Armenia - Georgia

1.04       Africa Presentation

1.05       Latin America and the Caribbean Presentation

1.06       Western Asia Presentation

Session II Validation of Preliminary Data

Session III Outstanding Technical Issues

3.01       Computation of National Annual Average Prices- Presentation

3.02       ICP Operational Classification Presentation

3.03       Splitting Item Specifications - Presentation

3.04       Editing National Accounts - Presentation

Session IV Releasing Final Results

4.01       Survey Framework Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

4.02       Quality Assurance Check List - Global Office (English)

4.03       Quality Assurance Check List - National Coordinating Agency (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

4.04       Quality Assurance Check List - Regional Coordinating Agency (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

4.05       Proposed contents of the Global Report and layout of the tables of final results Presentation

4.06       Data and Metadata Requirements for Explaining Variations in Results between 2005 and 2011 - Presentation

Session V Planning for the 2012-2013

5.01       Agreed Timetable during the 6th Regional Coordinators MeetingPresentation