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Documents for the 6th ICP 2011 RC Meeting (April 23-25, 2012)

1. General Presentation              

1.01       Presentation for the 6th ICP Regional Coordinators Meeting (with Meeting Decisions) 

2. Construction

2.01       Operational Guide on Validation of Construction Data 

3. Water             

3.01       Operational Guide on Water Supply

3.02       Water Tariff Data Collection Form  

4. Survey Framework    

4.01       Survey Framework Questionnaire 

5. Quality Assurance     

5.01       Quality Assurance Questionnaires - Global Office

5.02       Quality Assurance Questionnaires - Regional Coordinating Agency 

5.03       Quality Assurance Questionnaires - National Coordinating Agency 

5.04       Supplemental National Accounts QAF proposed by Asia-Pacific