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Documents for the 2nd ICP 2011 RC Meeting (April 14-16, 2010)

Global Core List               Sessions P1: A1 & P3     

01.01       Global Core List Related to Major Household Products 

01.02       Global Core List Time Schedule 

01.03       Global Core List Structure 

National Accounts          Sessions P1: B1 & P1: B2             

02.01       National Accounts Framework in the ICP 

02.02       National Accounts Flow Chart 

02.03       National Accounts Forms 

02.04       National Accounts Estimation in the ICP 

Additional Presentations

P01          Defining National Accounts Framework 

P02          Guidelines and Proposed Sequence of ICP Related NA Activities 

P03          NA Case Study - Lebanon & Oman 

P04          NA Case Study - Kenya & Ethiopia

Housing, Government Occupations and Education           Session  P2        

03.01     User Cost Method 

03.02     ICP Dwelling Questionnaire: Volume of Housing in 2008

03.03     Rental Specifications 

03.04     List of Government Occupations

03.05     Questionnaire for Compensation of Employees

03.06       Questionnaire on Government Expenditures 

03.07       Survey of Compensation of Employees, Eurostat–OECD

03.08       Purchasing Power Parity and Education Productivity Analysis  

Additional Presentation 

P05         Purchasing Power Parity and Education Productivity 

Survey Framework          Session  P4        

04.01     Data Transmission Scheme

04.02     Optimization of Inter-Regional Linking using Global Core Products

04.03     What is an Important Product?

04.04     Survey Forms for Household Consumption 

04.05     ICP Survey Framework 

Additional Presentation

P08        Survey Framework for ICP Price Collection 

ICP Quality Assurance Framework and Data Access Policy            Session  P5        

05.01     ICP Quality Assurance Framework 

05.02     Quality Assurance Checklists, Global Office

05.03     Quality Assurance Checklists, National Coordinating Agency

05.04     Quality Assurance Checklists, Regional Coordinating Agency 

05.05     ICP Data Access Principles

05.06     Data Access Questionnaire

Additonal Presentation

P06        ICP Data Access Policy 

Regional Launching of the New Round and Timeframe   Session  P6        

06.01     Global Office Timetable 

Family of Software Modules       Session  P7        

07.01     ICP Country Software - User Manual 

07.02     ICP Country Software - System Requirement Specifications 

07.02      ICP Region Software - System Requirement Specifications 

Additional Presentation

P07  ICP 2011 - Software Module