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  • Entrepreneurship Database

    To measure entrepreneurial activity, the Entrepreneurship Database project collects primary data from business registries in more than 170 economies. The data collection was completed by the end of 2021. Gender disaggregated data was also collected to assess the gap between female and male entrepreneurs.

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The Entrepreneurship Database project collects data on registered firms from 2006 to 2020, focusing on the following three variables: the number of new firms, total number of firms and number of closed firms.

This table measures the number of newly registered companies with limited liability (or its equivalent), per calendar year.

The new business density is defined as the number of newly registered corporations per 1,000 working-age people (those ages 15–64). The units of measurement are private, formal sector companies with limited liability. The data can help understand the trends in new firm creation across regions and income groups.

Download data on the number of new limited liability companies from 2006-2020 (Excel)

The table displays the data for the latest available year.

* This economy is included in the Eurostat List of offshore financial centres.

** For Canada, only the data for Quebec and Ontario were included.

*** For China, only the data for Beijing and Shanghai were included.


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