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Data Use and Literacy Program

Data literacy and the enabling environment to access and use data are crucial to enable all people to participate in and benefit from the data revolution.

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Strengthening data use culture in West African countries

Code for Africa and the World Bank have partnered to deliver a range of activities in the region to enable data access and use for decision-making at all levels of government officials and stakeholders in the civil society, media, academia, and the private sector.

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Towards a data-driven Nepal that delivers to all

To support Nepal’s federalism agenda and optimize value of produced data, the World Bank is working to increase data utilization capacity of the wider population.

About the Program

The World Bank’s Data Use and Literacy program delivers a range of activities to build capacity for data literacy and data use; enable data-driven decision-making; and democratize participation in the data revolution across low- and middle-income countries.



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