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Data Use and Literacy Program at a Glance

Data can improve lives only when it is effectively used to generate insights and inform decisions. Data literacy and the enabling environment to access and use data are crucial to empower all people to participate in and benefit from the data revolution.

The World Bank’s Data Use and Literacy Program, located inside the Development Data Group, delivers a range of activities to build capacity for data literacy and data use, enable data-driven decision-making, and democratize participation in the data revolution across low- and middle-income countries.



Toolkit for Task Teams to Mainstream Data in Operations

The toolkit helps World Bank task teams incorporate data-smart initiatives into operations more systematically, across all sectors and country contexts. It suggests a problem-driven methodology aligned with the stages of the World Bank project cycle and includes practical examples from existing operations with data components.


Supporting digital transformation in Tunisia

The Development Data Group's Data Use and Literacy Program, in close cooperation with the Bank's Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions (EFI) Global Practice, co-organized an OpenGovData Hackathon with the Electronic Administration Unit of the Government’s Presidency in Tunisia to explore how open data can improve transparency and innovation.

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