Promoting High Impact Entrepreneurship in Mexico

November 15, 2017


Policy Issue:

The High Impact Entrepreneurship program, implemented by INADEM in Mexico, is one of their largest programs and provides the largest amount of money per entrepreneur. Evaluating the impact of the program and assessing whether existing targeting strategies are effective for identifying high impact entrepreneurs is of huge value to INADEM as they allocate resources in future and decide on the structure of their programs.

This study measures the effectiveness of two related interventions: first is financial funding to “start-up” and “scale-up” firms with high impact potential in IT and software, certifications, consulting/professional services, and machinery and equipment industries. INADEM will grant 70-80% of the requested funds, while the entrepreneur commits to the rest. The second is a comparison in the predictability of two panels in identifying high growth potential firms. The first is a traditional panel, composed of INADEM evaluators and the second is a VC panel, composed of experts who simulate a venture-capital approach.


Design Brief

Detailed Methodology Note


Alejandra Mendoza Alcántara, Consultant, the World Bank

David Atkin, Associate Professor, MIT

Leonardo Iacovone, Lead Economist, the World Bank

Eric Verhoogen, Professor, Columbia University

Funding Partners:

World Bank Competitive Policy Evaluation Lab

Innovation for Poverty Action – SME Window